Mobile Massage in Grasse


Patricia Moreau

I have been practicing massage for 17 years now.  I have spent a few years in  English speaking countries so there will be no language barrier with you.


My massage is adapted to your needs.  I do mixed different technics in one session in order to relax your body fully. I will use some deep tissue massage, Californian moves, Swedish stroke, sport massage, palpé roulé, thaï, shiatsu, reflexology, energetic or draining technics. My moves are very slow and deep, close to the myofascial release.  Not one of my massages are identical and my intuitive fingers will know what to do and when to do it.  So if you are an elderly women or an athletic man, no worries, my massage will be adapted to your needs. It is not a therapeutical massage nor a sexual massage.  If you have any physical injuries, please refer to your doctor, physiotherapist or osteopath.

massages at your home in  Grasse

My price for a massage 

  • 80 euros for one hour
  • 120 euros for one hour and half
  • 140 euros for 2 massages (couple),  1 hour each person.

I will come with my massage table, my organic oils mixed with essential oils, some relaxing musics of your choice, a mist diffusor  of essential oil, an oil warmer and an electric blanket in cold winters.

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